The Perfect Scents for the Transition from Summer to Fall

The Perfect Scents for the Transition from Summer to Fall

The weather is changing and the evenings are getting longer. For many, now is the perfect time to switch it up. While you’re busy changing out your wardrobe and swapping your shorts for cozy pants, it’s time to consider mixing up your perfume lineup. Nothing compliments your new look like a fresh, fantastic scent. That’s why we’ve picked five awesome choices to consider when you’re looking for your next perfume.

Subtle Scents

It’s no secret that every situation requires a different approach. In life, there are times that you want your cologne or perfume to be soft. Sometimes, you don’t want that punch; you want something that just hints at your uniqueness.

These picks are perfect for:

  • The office
  • A date
  • A casual afternoon
  • Or a night with friends

Burberry New London for Women by Burberry

Burberry New London for Women by Burberry wraps you in a reminder that spring will come again. Its gentle notes are pleasant, but not overpowering. For those with a discerning sense of smell, this is our pick. From this upscale selection, you’ll be enticed with a blend of blossoming notes. The New London blend includes clementine, honeysuckle, garden rose, and patchouli.

The Move Express Yourself Mercedes-Benz for Men

For the guys, our subtle pick is The Move: Express Yourself for Men by Mercedes-Benz. Currently our #1 best selling fragrance for men in the country, this clean, bright scent is perfect for crafting a fresh, professional look. The Move Express Yourself is sold exclusively at Perfumania stores and The primary scents are mint and sage, with hints of apple and amber.

Bold Scents

Alternately, you might want to really grab some attention. Maybe it’s time to turn some heads! One of the best ways to do so is to make sure you smell fantastic. These picks are for when you want to make sure you’re seen.

Wear these when you’re:

  • Getting ready for a hot date
  • Preparing for a romantic evening
  • Or planning a night on the town

Bella for Women by Vince Camuto

For the ladies, you want Bella for Women by Vince Camuto. Although it, like New London, is heavy on the floral scents, it’s far more potent. This is the perfume you want when you’re planning to be the center of attention. Its stunning undertones feature aromas like amberwood and sandalwood.

Unforgivable for Men by Sean John

Of course, we also have a bold offering for men! Unforgivable for Men by Sean John is a sensual, passionate blend. Wearing this is sure to make you stand out. It mixes fresh, cool, and enticing aromas together to create a blend that’s as unique as you are.

Looking for more scents to suit your personal style? Be sure to drop by Perfumania and check out more of our featured fragrances.

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