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Following on from The MOVE, it's over to THE MOVE Express Yourself, a super fresh concotion that's as light as air, designed for a generation that's always on the go: Millennials.
We're talking about a freer, air-light take on an addictive fragrance that exudes movement, fluidity - and freedom, above all else. The MOVE Express Yourself man relishes the liberty to think, move and express his personality to the max. He's free to be who he truely is. #Express Yourself
The opening notes are fruitier than its predecessor's, unfuring in a blast of peppermint and sage intertwined with green apple and hints of pineapple, amber and patchouli. This fragrance serves as an ode to freedom.

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Mercedes-Benz Parfums evokes me luxury and heritage values and at the same time the brand remains incredible modern and innovative

Olivier Cresp
master perfumer
Born from a union of innovation and craftsmanship, its fragrances stand apart as the high-end products they are, with a seductive blend of strength and delicacy, romanticism and power, mystery and sophistication. An ode to elegance and an exaltation of the senses.
To create these exceptional bouquets, each ingredients was chosen with meticulous attention to detail and each combination imagines with total originality. All in close collaboration with master perfumers from around the world, such as Olivier Cresp. And as these fragrances deserve equally special packaging, Mercedes-Benz has entrusted the bottles' designs to major international agencies and their manufacturing to the most renowned French glassmakers.
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