The Evolution of Fragrance

The Evolution of Fragrance

The Evolution of Fragrance

Do you know where fragrance first originated, or why we consider them to be an important accessory? If you have ever wondered the answers to these questions, this is the article for you! In order to present a clear picture, we have looked back through a few societies that have played a large role in making fragrances the amazing products they are today.

Humble Beginnings

Fragrances have greatly evolved throughout the years. In fact, fragrance culture extends all the way back to the Egyptian era. This is the equivalent of 3,000 B.C! Archeologists have found hieroglyphs of the ancient Egyptians making perfume as well as actual bottles of perfume in recently researched tombs. Scientists believe that perfume was originally used to cover up the smell of sacrificial offerings. Anything has got to better than the smell of rotting flesh, right? I Ferrari fly enough, many of the ingredients used long ago, such as jasmine, honey, and lilies are still used in the making of fragrances today.

Greeks and Romans

The Egyptians were not the only ancient civilization interesting in exploring the world of fragrance. Both the Romans, and the Greeks played important roles in the development of fragrances. The Greeks were especially interested in taking measures to prevent foul odors. The society is well known for their highly developed interest in bodily hygiene. Because if this, they were able to create the first body fragrance. Before this moment in history, other societies were only interested in concealing the odors of religious practices. On the other hand, the Romans, although they did not create the concept of fragrances, they did coin the name “per fumum” which is the first version of the word perfume.

The 1900’s

Today, many women feel incomplete without their fragrance, but this was not always the case. Before the 1950’s, fragrances were merely considered a luxury item for special occasions. The idea that fragrance could be worn daily, was revolutionized by none other than fragrance and makeup up designer, Estée Lauder. She began her line by creating bath products. She had the idea that by getting women interested in smelling like her scents, they would be more inclined to purchase the more costly fragrance. Her iconic fragrance, Youth Dew, continues to be adored by women across the globe.


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